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Sustainability through Material Efficiency!

What is our strategy?

Whilst recognising that certain disposables cannot be eliminated in today’s World for reasons of hygiene, practicality and safety, it is Polaa’s aim, wherever possible, to reduce the amount of raw material used for a product. Polaa’s Green Line product range utilises special polymer films which have been downgauged in their product applications by up to 40%. Although thinner in gauge, Polaa’s product quality and performance is 100% reliable and even offers added features when compared to similar, standard gauge products.

Environmental Awareness

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Up to 40% less Non-Renewable Resources

High-tech Production Partners

Specialized Raw Material Suppliers

Special, low Temperature Thermoplastic Polyethylene

Low Gauge, Multiple Layered Extrusion

With our Green Line we minimize the environmental impact of products by:

  • Reducing the amount of raw materials used

  • Reducing the energy used during manufacturing

  • Reducing packaging & transport costs

  • Reducing the carbon emissions during production & distribution

  • Reducing the amount of waste

  • Whilst providing top quality and improved product features

Did you know?


Industrial composting & waste units cannot differentiate between compostable plastics and normal ones

Industrial composting units do not allow products the 6 months stipulated in EN 13432 to degrade. Instead, undegraded plastics are sieved out and mass incinerated together with all other «normal» waste.

Morever, the mechanical properties of compostable plastics are far weaker compared to those of conventional or specialty films.  

     Buy smart, use less, reduce waste!     

Polaa does more with less.
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But what difference can Polaa’s Green Line make?

Let us take a closer look at the pastry bag market and Polaa’s Material & Design Efficiency Bags:

The numbers of pastry bags used per bakery/pastry shop naturally depends on the market, its size and its product range. Research shows, that a small bakery in Switzerland uses an average of 1 roll of 100 pastry bags per week. Large bakeries use a lot more. For the purpose of our comparative statistics however, we will take a popular 18inch bag in a standard coal-scuttle shape and this low estimate of 100 bags per week as our average.

The following shows the total bakeries / cake shops in three different sample countries & the annual estimated waste of pastry bags.


Material & Design Efficiency Waste

≈ 128.69 tons

60 cars

or in French

435'840 x 250g baguettes